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Cougar Pillow Freebie

Cosmo the cougar pillow

Hi there, this is Kayla again. I am the designer of one of our newer patterns: the jelly bean faces pillow. Let me tell you, it is a freaking adorable pattern. *said with complete humility* You get six amazingly cute little faces that go on a jellybean shaped pillow, and the best part is, they each have a tail! Adding tails to things just makes things cuter… like when we added tails to the back of Kira’s girls’ shirts and sent them running around Yosemite National Park. But I digress; we’re here to talk pillows. I love the pattern just the way it is, but with my nieces’ birthdays coming...

On the Move

Our moving van

This post is definitely late but I guess it’s better late than never, so here it goes: I’m sorry in advance for this long post. My husband has told me that brevity in story telling is not one of my greatest skills. But as we embark on a new year with a new chapter for our business I wanted to share a little bit about myself and the changes happening with this third of the “Musers.”   In July of 2013 we moved to Boise, Idaho for what we knew would be the final two years of Kevin’s schooling. To say I was less than thrilled to move to Boise would be accurate....

Snowman Placemat

We have yet another free pattern! This one is for an adorable winter placemat with a cute little snowman applique. The steps are super easy to follow and it uses our simple sew and flip method of construction. The best part? Once you know the method you can use any fabric and change out the applique so you have a placemat for any occasion. Free Winter Snowman Placemat Pattern The pattern is set up in our traditional downloadable style that is specifically designed to print out nicely on your home printer. If you would like to download the free pattern (with the pattern pieces for the applique) just click here: download snowman...