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Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts for Keeping You Warm From Your Head to Your Toes

Suede slippers, winter warmers, and twisty twirly scar

It seems like lots of people in the blog-iverse are sharing their holiday gift guides right now, and I figured we should too. I personally love getting, and giving handmade gifts. However, as we all know, this is a busy time of year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours on end to devote to making handmade gifts for everyone on my list. So I’m sharing three of my patterns that make great, quick gifts. Any of these projects can be finished in about four hours from start to finish. With the weather getting colder, don’t forget to make a gift for yourself too! Let’s get started!...

Joining “quilt as you go” blocks with sashing

We get lots of questions about our “quilt as you go” patterns. When people get to the step where we have you join the blocks with sashing, they tend to get concerned that we did our math wrong. It’s not that it’s impossible for us to have done the math wrong. That has been known to happen but in this case, we promise the math is right. 🙂 Hopefully the following tutorial will help alleviate your fears in this regard. Step by Step Explanation To start, this is an example of one of our “quilt as you go” blankets. This is block blanket one, which is the background for Forest...