Stuffed Animals


Cougar Pillow Freebie

Cosmo the cougar pillow

Hi there, this is Kayla again. I am the designer of one of our newer patterns: the jelly bean faces pillow. Let me tell you, it is a freaking adorable pattern. *said with complete humility* You get six amazingly cute little faces that go on a jellybean shaped pillow, and the best part is, they each have a tail! Adding tails to things just makes things cuter… like when we added tails to the back of Kira’s girls’ shirts and sent them running around Yosemite National Park. But I digress; we’re here to talk pillows. I love the pattern just the way it is, but with my nieces’ birthdays coming...

Salty Starfish Tutorial

Yep, we’re pretty bad about keeping this blog up to date. But as Quilt Market in Houston Texas rolls around yet again so does another free pattern! Two of our new quilts are focused on the ocean: Pirate Posse and Mermaid Marina. We decided that it would be fun to give away a free pattern to go along with these two new quilts: You can find the patterns for Mermaid Marina & Pirate Posse both in downloadable and printed versions, as well as kits in our shop. These quilts use our “sew and flip” and “quilt as you go” methods; which makes these quilts go together surprising quickly.  You build one...