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When I was little my mother made me a blanket that became affectionately known as “bunny blankie.” This blanket came with me everywhere, including to school with me until second grade!!! (embarrassing- yes I know) This blanket was very important for a number of reasons. First of all, it kept me warm 🙂 probably the most important job for a blanket. Second, it was my security, my sense of home to help me not feel scared and afraid when I was out of my comfort zone. And third it was a toy, it made a wonderful cape so I had my mom attach some velcro accordingly to make it even more functional as such. I loved this blanket and wore it out accordingly over the years.

Now that I have my own little girls they all have acquired many blankets through the process of this business. I’m not sure any of them have a blanket that means to them what my blanket meant to me… yet, but one day they will settle on a blanket that is their favorite.

Well an option for such a blanket is the new and improved “bunny blankie.” My mom decided she would like to make bunny blankie 2.0 and see if any of my girls take to it like I took to mine. This adorable little blanket has a soft crushed cuddle bunny on a super pretty floral cotton front, with a minty green rose cuddle back. I like it because the colors are not the traditional pink and purple girl colors, and the mix of textures is delightful for me and my kids. I’m trying to get the one who looks most like me to be interested in this blankie, and so far she just enjoys crawling on it, and sucking on the bunny, but since she is only 8 months so its hard to expect more. Both of her sisters have commandeered the blanket at one point or another, but thats probably because they like taking things from their sister. And for your viewing pleasure, he are some pictures of me, and pictures of my littlest at about the same age so you can see just how similar we are!


My littlest:

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Kira is a craft-loving wife and mother living in Castle Rock, CO. When not busy with her 3 energetic children she is busy designing and redesigning her home. A few of her favorite things include: blue skies and sunny days, painting, swimming, teaching, traveling and designing clothing.

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