Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts for Keeping You Warm From Your Head to Your Toes

It seems like lots of people in the blog-iverse are sharing their holiday gift guides right now, and I figured we should too. I personally love getting, and giving handmade gifts. However, as we all know, this is a busy time of year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours on end to devote to making handmade gifts for everyone on my list. So I’m sharing three of my patterns that make great, quick gifts. Any of these projects can be finished in about four hours from start to finish. With the weather getting colder, don’t forget to make a gift for yourself too! Let’s get started! First up, the Twisty Twirly Scarf:

Twisty Twirly Scarf

The Twisty Twirly Scarf has been one of our best selling patterns and kits because they are really easy to make and they are so warm, yet elegant. We have five versions of the kits available on our website. They are just $15.00 each and that includes both the pattern and enough fabric to make one scarf.

Between my ‘real’ job (outside of McKay Manor Musers) and my desire to constantly be exploring, I travel A LOT. On one of my trips through the Portland airport, I noticed a scarf similar to these and they were selling for $45 each. We have a downloadable version of the pattern for $5.

While I was at Kira’s house this past weekend and she helped me film a tutorial to give you an overview of how to put the scarf together.

Winter Warmers

Our new Winter Warmer pattern includes a reversible hat, a twisted cowl, wrist/hand warmers and a headband. I wore the hat from the pattern while hiking the Grand Canyon last Christmas.

Hat from the winter warmers pattern Kira is wearing the set made from the Fancy Leopard brown and gold fabric from Shannon Fabrics:

Winter warmers pattern hat, cowl, and wrist warmersKayla is wearing the set made from the Koala Ivory fabric from EZ Fabrics:

winter warmers pattern cowl and hatWe do have kits available for both of these. However, we just haven’t had time to get them up on our website. The set with all four pieces and the pattern is just $30 – email me at sheila@mckaymanormusers.com if you’d like one.

We also created video tutorials to help walk you through putting these together since a couple of the steps can be a little tricky without seeing them done.

Click this link for help with the cowl: https://youtu.be/qq5YOTIUTn4

Click this link for help with the hat: https://youtu.be/JQp4fxW5Adk

Click on this link if you want some help with the ear warmers: https://youtu.be/T1NpxflsSs8

Finally, click on this link for help with the wrist warmers: https://youtu.be/OTGUgCyruXs

I also have LOTS of options for headbands. If you just let me know what color warm and wonderful fur you would like I can make you a custom kit. The kit is only $5.00 but the pattern is sold separately. You can get the downloadable for only $8.00 by clicking the “buy now” button below.


We have two different slipper patterns for adults: The sleeper slipper and the suede slippers. Both patterns have only two pattern pieces: the top and the sole, which makes construction really easy. Each pattern includes four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large, which roughly translates to sizes 6 trough 10. The easiest way to decide which size to use though is to just place your foot on the pattern piece and pick the one that fits the best.

The Sleeper Slippers is our original pattern or the ‘lined version.’ This also makes them reversible, so pick two fabrics that you really like.

The Suede Slippers are unlined and can be made from all suede fabric OR you can have a suede bottom a cuddle top with a really fun trim around your ankle.

We also have slipper patterns with children’s sizing: the Tiny Toes pattern is the child’s lined version and the Teeny Tootsies pattern is the child’s unlined version.

I LOVE cats so I decided to make new, matching, slippers for my grand kiddos and myself for Christmas.

Since I was making my new slippers at the same time Kira and I were filming the scarf video, I decided to film a video giving you some of my tips and tricks for assembling the slippers. You can find that video by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/s4ltuP-Z6-M
If you want a kit of the same fun animal print slippers I made in the video for yourself (or someone you love) I have kits available for just $15. That includes the pattern and enough fabric to make one pair of the largest size of slipper that comes in your pattern. Simply email me at sheila@mckaymanormusers.com if you’d like one. Or pick out one of the slipper kits that’s listed on our website:

Stay Warm and as always, Happy Sewing


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Over 32 years ago Sheila met and married a Mountain Man who also happens to be her best friend and knight in shining armor. She has two amazing daughters who are now married to wonderful young men. She has three granddaughters that she loves to spoil. With an appetite for learning and trying new things she is constantly busy. Sheila is happiest out in nature exploring new places in God’s beautiful world. If it really is true that you’re as young as you feel, she will never grow old. She loves: sewing, crafting, reading, traveling, hiking and photography.

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