Winter Warmers

As I travel around the United States for my ‘real job’ with Hewlett-Packard OR just for fun when I visit my kids or my adorable grandkids OR when I am just exploring new places – I am always on the lookout for ideas we could use for new patterns. I found some really soft, super warm and fuzzy hats, scarves and wrist warmers – they were priced at $40 to $50 for each piece – so I thought – why not try to make my own?

They were a bit tricky to figure out – and very difficult to describe in words – but I tried – you will find our new Winter Warmer pattern in our shop. I put together my first video tutorial with the help of my two daughters. Kira was the videographer and Kayla and her husband Kevin edited the videos for me! Look for them on You Tube – just type in Winter Warmers or McKay Manor Musers and/or Sheila McKay in the search box and they should pop up.

The new pattern includes directions for four pieces:This is the full set of Winter Warmers you can create using the Winter Warmers pattern by McKay Manor Musers

  1. 1.  A cowl with a twist – It’s a bit like the mobius strip that you made in science class when you were younger – but with fun fur!
  2. 2. A reversible hat
  3. 3. Ear Warmers
  4. 4. Wrist Warmers


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