A Cotton-bound Fleece Blanket

Clearly, our goal to be better about updating our blog was a miserable failure. But, we have yet another free pattern for you! And this time it’s all about binding.

Different Bindings

In the past, we have done just about anything to avoid putting bindings on our blankets. Hence the Textured Edge Throw blanket pattern and the So Soft So Simple Throw pattern. Both patterns provide a way of joining a blanket front to back quickly and easily without the use of a binding. 

Textured Edge Throw

textured edge

The “Textured Edge Throw” pattern uses an interestingly textured piece of fabric sandwiched between the front and back to join your blanket. It’s quick and easy and is one of our favorite methods of making a simple blanket.

So Simple Throw

so simple throw

The “So Soft So Simple Throw” pattern is designed to create self-mitering corners by having the backing fabric wrap around to the front. This is the method we use most often when attaching the backings to our block blanket quilt fronts. While it works great for adding a backing to a quilt front, we think this method also makes for a very pretty blanket by simply using two beautifully patterned fabrics.

However, we recently discovered a method of machine binding that we are pretty darn excited about. Although we continue to love the previous two methods we can’t deny that this new binding technique opens up some new and exciting options! One of which is making incredibly quick and easy baby blankets which require no hand sewing.

Cotton Binding

owl binding squirrel






It also makes adding a silk binding to a simple fleece blanket almost enjoyable. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us!

sily binding

We want to share our excitement with you in the form of a free pattern. The applique designs aren’t included in the free pattern but you can buy them separately in our Shop if you so desire. Search our Template Packs in either Professionally Printed versions or download them instantly with our PDF Pattern versions. 

Cotton Bound Fleece Blanket

If you would like to download the free pattern just click here: download cotton binding pattern. This will take you to a page where you should be able to see a preview of the pattern. Then simply click on the image of the arrow pointing down to save it to your computer.




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