Jelly Bean Bag Pattern

We introduced Kayla’s Jelly Bean Pillow pattern at the Sewing and Stitchery expo in Puyallup, WA. It has since become one of my absolute favorite patterns. It is also makes a really fun class. I just taught it at the NW Quilting Expo in Portland, OR and I hear the class filled up three days after the schedule went live. If you’d like me to teach a class in your area, let me know.

My friend Leona came to help me set up and run the booth at Spring Market in St. Louis. Ever since that day I believe she has been thinking of ways to build on the pattern.

Here are a few of her creations:

We decided to take one of the ideas and turn it into a new pattern that we are working on publishing right now: the Jelly Bean Bag. It’s the same six faces, but we turned them into a purse or a backpack.

These purses and backpacks just went on a big adventure to Greece. Kira and I and her three daughters headed for Greece. One of my favorite apps is TravelZoo. Every Tuesday when the Top 20 list comes out I immediately head to their site to see what cool trips they are offering this week. When I saw the opportunity to do a ‘self-guided’ tour through Greece for 11 days I snapped it up! The travel agency we booked through provided all the accommodations (which usually included a breakfast) and the ‘tour guides’ that ‘watched out’ for us. The tour guides were just fabulous! Especially Stella. We were very touched when she asked Rozzie to be her official assistant on the bus and it seriously made Rozzie’s day. Here are a few of the highlights from our trip:

Musers Making Memories

Two and a half days in Athens
Two and a half days in Mykonos
Two days in Santorini
Jelly Bean Bags

You can pick up the jelly bean faces bag pattern by just clicking the “buy now” button below.

And, of course, there is the original pattern that started the Jelly Bean craziness.

The pillows that Kayla created for Gabbie and Rozzie were a critical part of the journey as well. The girls pulled them out on every plane ride and every night before they fell asleep. Coco kept trying to steal the pillows so I am guessing Kayla has a new project on her to do list.

We have kits that work for either the pillow or the bag. If you would like to purchase one, they are $25 for the pattern and the fabric. The kits are all made from the incredibly soft and snuggly fabrics from Shannon Fabrics. Shannon Fabrics has one of the highest quality ‘minky-type’ fabrics out there and they have a ton of really cool options. For either the bag or the pillow, you’ll still need to purchase a double-sided fusible web (like steam-a-seam or wonder under). If you want to make a bag you will also need to purchase a zipper and the lining fabric. We are working to get the kits up on the website. But in the meantime, you can contact me at and let me know which one you would like to order.

There is a reason that the word Muser is in our company name and that our mission is to inspire creativity in others. We love it when people get creative with our patterns. What can and will you create with the jelly bean face?

I would love to see your creations! Please post them on your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest account and tag us @mckaymanormusers or use #mckaymanormusers so we can see them as well. You can also send pictures to and let me know if it is okay to post them on our social media sites.

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