Salty Starfish Tutorial

Yep, we’re pretty bad about keeping this blog up to date. But as Quilt Market in Houston Texas rolls around yet again so does another free pattern! Two of our new quilts are focused on the ocean: Pirate Posse and Mermaid Marina. We decided that it would be fun to give away a free pattern to go along with these two new quilts:


You can find the patterns for Mermaid Marina & Pirate Posse both in downloadable and printed versions, as well as kits in our shop.

These quilts use our “sew and flip” and “quilt as you go” methods; which makes these quilts go together surprising quickly.  You build one block at a time and quilt it before placing the appliques. Then, you sew your applique onto one small block instead of trying to fit your whole quilt in your machine. So. Much. Easier. And, when you are done with your quilt top, you are all done quilting (if you want to be). Then you just need to add a backing and binding using whatever method you are most comfortable with and your quilt is all ready for snuggling. (We do have a free pattern with our binding method as well.)

We also introduced a another new stuffed animal that corrdinates with these adorable sea worthy quilts. Introducing Lenny the Lobster!
You can find the pattern for Lenny in both downloadable and printed versions, as well as kits in our shop.
Now, on to the real reason you are here: the free pattern!

Free Starfish Stuffed Animal Pattern


This easy little pattern is great for beginner sewers and won’t take long at all! And this cute little guy fits in perfectly with the Mermaid and Pirate quilts. 🙂
sarfish pattern
If you would like to download the free pattern, just click here: download starfish pattern. This will take you to a page where you should be able to see a preview of the pattern. Then simply click on the image of the arrow pointing down to save it to your computer.

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