Change for the Better

Hello New

Don’t be afraid of change.

You may lose something good,

But you may gain something better.

Welcome to our new and (hopefully) improved website!

It is a time of great change for the three of us at McKay Manor Musers, both personally and with our little business. A few years ago we had a developer create our website, but now that developer has moved onto other things and will no longer be supporting our website. This left us with the opportunity to start from scratch. We (some what crazily) decided to design, create, and maintain our website on our own! This has been an interesting experience to say the least, but we have been able to change a lot of things. We hope all these changes will be for the better! So please stick with us as we embark on this next step of our adventure. And please have patience with us as we continue to run in to speed bumps, potholes and the occasional tree as we try to get this new site up and running.



More about Kira

Kira is a craft-loving wife and mother living in Castle Rock, CO. When not busy with her 3 energetic children she is busy designing and redesigning her home. A few of her favorite things include: blue skies and sunny days, painting, swimming, teaching, traveling and designing clothing.

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